Woman on a Mission: Agile UX

I’m on a mission ladies and gents. The goal of this mission is to figure out how to do Agile UX successfully and without pain. I’ve been a fan of Agile for years. While I enjoy losing myself for days in the land of wireframes and userflows, I find them largely ineffective when it comes to creating software. It’s a self-serving endeavor that creates a divisive atmosphere. No one has time to read the darned things and they get in the way of team members talking to each other. I’ve tasted the promised land of sketching together with developers and whiteboard as spec and I want more. Please don’t make me go back to waterfall, I beg of you.

The talk about Agile UX is increasing slowly, but there seems to be relatively few who have successfully integrated their user experience practice into an agile, cross functional team. I’ve experienced some wins, some outright disasters and I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

Part of my quest is also reaching out to others who have had good results. There are common problems like maintaining the big picture, getting in usability testing. Others may have solved them in their organizations and I want to learn from them. So, if you are an Agile UX (or Lean UX) evangelist, someone who has had successes, or want to talk about your agile challenges, drop me a line. Contact@practicallyUX.com

Game On!

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