Multi-tasking or Juggling?

I’ve frequently been part of long term projects, finding myself working on a single initiative for months, if not years at a time. I can testify that once you transition to maintenance and long term enhancement strategies things can get a little stale. The creative excitement dwindles and long for a new project to throw my energy into. But in the beginning, having one project can give you time to focus.

Recently I’ve started working on a few endeavors simultaneously, creative energy bouncing from one thing to the next. I wonder if switching between projects will turn out to be a huge time vampire, or be a great way to keep the creative energy flowing while other projects start to drag.  I suspect that I’ll find it inspiring as it often helps to divert your attention from a design problem for a little while and let your subconscious chew on it. The best ideas come to you while you’re doing something else.

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