Information Overload

For the past few years I’ve spent a lot of time reading about UX design, mostly online. Blogs from industry celebs, online magazines and scholarly research when I can get it. I’ve learned a lot. I keep current. I sign up for new social networking tools so that I understand the landscape I’m designing for. Then there are the popular gadgets I’ve purchased so that I can understand the experience and design for the devices. It’s all led up to a frenzied information consumption-rate as I gulp gleefully from the fire-hose. I love learning, but there is a tipping point at which I need to stop…slow down…let it sink in.

Focus. Breathe. Contemplate. Consider.

It’s time for me to do more of that. Take a more organized and focussed approach rather than attempting to inhale all the articles delivered in that stream-of-consciousness called Twitter. A little sorting and organizing is past due. Set aside a time for reading and a time for sharing. Then get on with the doing, which is really the most important of all.

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