A Note on this Anniversary

Let those of us who are able turn away from our mourning and celebrate the moments of grace born out of such tragedy. Ignore the sensational accounts of those who missed getting on that plane or were late to work and thus spared. Leave the discussions of where you were that day when you heard the news for another time. Take a break from ringing the alarm of conspiracy. Rather, talk about the amazing accounts of people helping each other, strangers reaching out and risking themselves to survive together. Marvel at the unlikely brotherhoods forged in the hottest of fires. We are surrounded by random acts of kindness and heroism everyday, but our daily toils make them difficult to see. Give thanks to those who lost everything for opening our eyes to the beauty of kindness and the extraordinary strength that is in all of us.

There is grace in all of us. Beauty in all of us. It’s easy to forget. Tragedy reminds us that we are all here together and that love binds us all.

love to you all,


My Family
Hug the ones you love every day.